To understand how English became a globally spoken language, we must take a look back a history.  This widespread adaption of English can be traced back to the British Empire. The British ruled areas covered about 25% of the world at one time due to colonization. The people in these areas were encouraged to speak, read and write in English, and the Western influence covered aspects ranging from education to culture. Now, many years after the decline of British colonialism, their mark still remains on media, businesses, and of course, language.

English showcases itself as the world’s leading language in a multitude of ways. With the current global landscape being largely digital, the importance of electronic devices is heightened. The history of the internet can be traced back to research and development in the United States. Technology and computers were primarily based on English glossary, and keyboard and hardware were suited for typing and interpreting the English language. As technology became widely accessible, with an estimated 4.66 billion people using the internet actively, the large data available was in English, and therefore the spread of the English language increased due to its accessibility. Learning English through online English learning programs in Pakistan such as MUZZY BBC makes it easier not only to navigate this virtual landscape but also to take advantage of a large amount of information available just a click away.


Moreover, the large intake of English media, in the form of Hollywood movies, TV shows, books, and mainstream US and UK music, translates to consistent exposure and the spread of the language. In fact, many people attribute their good English skills to different English movies, through which they learned English by reading the subtitles and practicing. An easier medium that utilizes the same approach is online English language courses in Pakistan. For example, MUZZY BBC is an immersive experience of language learning, with over 28 vocabulary builder videos, 29 sing-along videos, and 400+ online games, offering not just English but online French learning courses and many other languages more! There is a ready-made schedule that you can follow, or you can learn according to your own pace, making the process much easier than learning through movies.

Business and Travel

In addition, English is the language of Business and Finance, for large multinational companies, where understanding the global market and interacting with international stakeholders and clients is vital for information flow. In the political sphere, world leaders and diplomats primarily use English to interact with each other and make major political decisions. Learning English also makes it easier to travel, as locals of another country are likely to speak it as a first or second language, but important airport announcements, train timetables, emergency information, and street signs are often available in English, even if the native alphabet is different. This way. navigation and communication during foreign holidays are made a lot easier, and you can fully enjoy the cultural experience.


English is also the world’s leading language in terms of education, as many foreign countries offer courses and use textbooks in English. It is often a requirement in international conferences and used to publish in international journals. If you want to educate yourself on the latest research and discoveries in the world, you will read about them in English published journals and research papers, even if the scientists themselves were from foreign countries.  For example, in the Netherlands in particular the ratio of English papers outnumbers Dutch ones, being a surprising 40 to 1. Science’s English language preference has to lead to the top 50 science journals, according to the SCImago Journal, insinuating that English is largely a scientific language.  Moreover, English has established itself as the leading language in terms of career development, with numerous jobs around the world demanding excellent English oral and written skills as an essential requirement. Often times, you need to pass English tests such as IELTS or TOEFL, in order to seek job opportunities abroad, even if you do not know the native language of the foreign country itself.

In conclusion, English has become the world’s leading language not only due to the total number of speakers worldwide but also due to its use in multinational organizations and diplomatic relations. Individually, this means that if one learns English, through the best language learning programs in Pakistan, they can explore career opportunities, travel, and generally interact with anyone from around the world easier.

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