Through online language learning courses, you can learn all the skills you need to expand your knowledge base, right from the comfort of your own home! One of the most vital skills one can acquire is to learn a new language, as this not only allows you to interact with people from different cultures; refining your interpersonal skills, but it also sharpens your critical thinking skills, making you perform better academically. It has been scientifically proven through brain scans that bilingualism not only increases brain connectivity but results in various cognitive benefits such as a larger working memory.  Hence, learning languages online in Pakistan, is a great way to open your mind, learn new skills, and open up the door to a lot of opportunities. Today, I will guide you through my own language learning experiences and how I discovered that the best option for me to learn languages was through online language learning platforms in Pakistan.

My first language learning experience started when I was in fourth grade. I had always been interested in French, and learning about it, as not only did it sound beautiful, but it was widely spoken in countries ranging from Belgium and Switzerland, to Congo and Morocco. I was also fascinated by French culture and figured that learning the language would give me the perfect first step to gain full insight into it. However, this enthusiasm did not last long, as my French learning dreams came to an end after attending a few French classes from my school. I found the teaching style to be passive, and redundant. The class consisted of my French teacher writing down a few French words on the writing board, along with their English meaning, and then asking us to memorize it. She would then quiz us on the words verbally, and the whole class would answer her back unanimously. Not only did I feel that this teaching method would not make me retain the French language in the long term, but I felt that the whole process was detached and not personalized. Over the years, though my interest slowly died down, I still tried out various methods such as learning the language through movies, or downloading applications guaranteed to make me learn French, to no avail.

Fast-forward to more than a decade later, I had gained admission into a university in Quebec, a state in Canada in which French was the official language. I was determined to immerse myself in the culture of the province, and learning French was the first on my to-do list. I immediately started searching online to help me in my language learning journey. After looking at a few websites for online language learning courses in Pakistan, I stumbled upon MUZZY BBC. Developed by language experts from the British Broadcasting Channel, MUZZY BBC offered a truly immersive language learning experience, making you learn foreign languages such as Chinese and French online, just like you learned your native one. I realized that a truly all-encompassing experience is what I needed to prepare myself for my life in Quebec, which was essentially a mini-France in Canada. Over the next two months, I followed the class schedule within the Pakistani homeschooling website, and through various interactive tools such as videos, assessments, lectures and activities, I was able to learn French naturally, without feeling like I was studying. Not only could I select the specific courses or difficulty levels I wanted to access, but I could track my progress, motivating me to complete the program. Moreover, I made use of online discussion boards and chat rooms. Not only was I improving my French through absorbing information, but I actively engaged in written and oral discussions with native French speakers or other novel French speakers.

After I moved to Quebec, I still continued my language learning journey by downloading videos and then watching them whenever I could. With this flexibility, I would watch them on the train on my way to university, during breaks from studying, or after coming back home. Due to the fun activities and games, half the time I did not feel like I was trying hard to learn or “studying.” That is what made learning French online for me much easier, just surrounding myself with it, whether it be through the environment around me or all the lectures and videos I watched.

I realized that in no time my online learning experiences had opened up a world of opportunities for me. My daily interaction with locals made easier and I could access job opportunities which many of my university friends could not, as they struggled to speak in French, which was a requirement in most jobs.  I managed to find a part-time job quickly which made me earn extra money while still studying, and at the same time I felt like I had a truly unique immersive cultural experience, which many of my university friends could not access, due to not knowing the primary language.

Most importantly, learning a second language made me develop life-long transferable skills regarding critical thinking, time management, a broader global perspective and self-motivation. All of this was achieved with the flexibility, adaptability and ease of online language learning courses, which I would not trade for anything.

MUZZY BBC is an online language learning platform, which offers courses in various languages including English, French, Spanish and Korean. Owned by the British Broadcasting Corporation, MUZZY provides a one of a kind inclusive language learning experience, where learning a second language becomes as easy as learning a native one! The program includes easy-to-use features and language learning movies, along with over 400 online games, 28 vocabulary builder videos and 29 sing-along videos! You can register for a free demo to find the best package that works for you.

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