English is regarded as a universal language, a common denominator which unites the whole world and crosses all international boundaries. It not only helps you speak to people from different cultures and connect with them, but is also a skill that can help you find jobs.

This is why it is important that you should learn it, and there is now no reason NOT to, with the abundance of  various platforms available to learn English language online, with various online English learning sites , offering courses for beginners as well as online English language learning for kids from the comfort of your own home. Recently, a new online English language learning platform has been introduced in Pakistan, called Muzzy BBC, offering the best online English-speaking courses, made specially to learn English online in Pakistan.

However, there are a facts you must keep in mind while learning English online in Pakistan:

1. Measure your English level initially

In order to start your English language learning journey, you must know the level you are currently at. You can do this by either taking standardized English tests such as TOEFL or IELTS, or any of the English tests offered online. You can also set yourself a task and judge what you need to improve on based on your performance, i.e, you can try and write a short essay and give a presentation on it. After making notes and seeing what you need to work on, you can do the same task again after a few classes and observe your improvement. By finding out your level of English, you can then pick the right courses to learn English language online in Pakistan, depending on the level of assistance you need.

2. Figure out how you learn

Secondly, you should see what strategies work the best for you when it comes to learning English language online. This could be either through reading, writing, speaking or listening. Different people learn through different ways and if you can find the best way, you can learn any new skill to learn English language online in Pakistan, then you can gain the most from your online English learning program.

3. Set Goals

As you do when you set out to complete any new venture, you should set short and long-term goals before you start learning English language online in Pakistan. Short term goals can include making sure that you check the online English learning sites at least once every day and complete one lesson, along with the assigned homework. Long terms goals include setting out the level of proficiency of English that you want to achieve at the end of the online English-speaking course.

4. Surround yourself with English

One of the best ways that you can learn English online is to take your lessons outside your virtual classroom. This means surrounding yourself with English completely whether it be listening to music, radio, watching movies, TV shows or attending plays. You can also read English books, newspapers, magazines, and comics. Another useful tip is to change the language on your devices such as mobile phone and laptop to English, so that you are forced to learn it while navigating them. Completely immersing yourself in English will help you learn immensely and creates an automatic atmosphere for you to grasp it.

5. Stay motivated

English is a complicated language, with different types of dictation which can often get confusing and frustrating, especially for beginners. However, you should not lose hope or give up easily, as the beginning days are the hardest. The key to learning English language online in Pakistan is to stay persistent and to focus on achieving those small obtainable goals, instead of refusing to go on in the beginning or middle of your journey, thinking that there is no way you can achieve your final goal.

6. Practice, Practice & Practice

Another fact that goes hand in hand with staying motivated is to always practice. Since there are different prefixes, suffixes, structures, punctuations, and root words within the English language, it is easy to forget and get confused and lost if you do not keep up. Hence, you should always practice with the help of easy to access online English learning sites to keep reviewing your work and to keep practicing and staying consistent.

7. Keep a journal

You should not only keep a journal to track your progress every day and note down what you learned, but you should also write down any word or phrase that you encounter and do not understand, along with searching and writing down its meaning.

Remember that it is OK and actually expected for you to not understand everything; the key is to figure out for yourself what you don’t understand and research it.

8. Record yourself

One of the best ways to judge your English is to record yourself and play it back, listening to it from a third person perspective. This can help you figure out how you sound and see what you need to work on, whether it is your pronunciation, sentence structure, punctuation etc.

9. Have someone to practice your English with

If you have a friend in real life that knows English well, you can rely on him or her to assess or test you. But with the advent of technology, you no longer need to know someone in real life; instead, you can join communities online specifically made for this purpose. You can either make a pen pal or practice your English through voice chat.  Also, you can either connect with someone who already knows English and can help you or with someone who is learning English just like you!

10. Get a quiet place to study

When you learn English online in Pakistan, it comes with the advantage of being easily accessible. But it also has its fallbacks, as it is easy to get distracted and focus on other things, causing barriers in your online English language learning journey. Hence, you should find a quiet study spot to concentrate, even if it is for an hour everyday instead of spending multiple hours being distracted and not learning as much.

So, if you want to learn English Language or looking for online language learning program in Pakistan, be sure to check out Muzzy BBC and keep these tips in mind to be successful. Happy Learning!

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